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End of Tenancy Cleaning

Our End of Tenancy prices start from as low as £99 pounds, the prices vary depending on the size of the apartment/house, that’s why it’s best to call us and ask for a free quote.
Two bedroom – from £125
Three bedroom – from £169
Four and above – from £199

Domestic Cleaning

Domestic cleaning in Liverpool is no longer a challenge thanks to us. Our company specialises in cleaning houses and flats, from £12 pounds/h. You can book us using the form on the right, by email, by phone or via our live chat app at the bottom right of the screen.

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Ironing Services

Ironing Services LiverpoolMost people perceive ironing to be a demanding and tedious housekeeping chore, and would be more than happy to have it done by someone else. This is only fair enough, but qualified housekeeping is quite pricy and not everyone can allocate the money to keep a housemaid who does the ironing, week in and week out. If you delegate your weekly ironing chores to us however, cost will not be a factor as we offer an efficient and very affordable professional ironing service at Cleaners Liverpool which works right every time.

Convenient and efficient service

Customer convenience and service efficiency are essential, and our professional ironing service in Liverpool makes no exception. It is seamless, quick and reliable – just the way people need it.

  • The entire process takes place in the comfort of your own home, there will be no need to take clothing garments and / or other textiles off to another location, or wait for them to be delivered back;
  • The ironing service is quite suitable for various household textiles besides clothing, these include curtains, table cloths, bed linen etc.
  • The service can be performed using either customer provided equipment, or optionally our maids can bring their own, obviously an ironing board would have to be present at the premises for the service to take place;

Our housemaids – professional and reliable individuals

Liverpool Ironing Services As mentioned, ironing is a domestic service which is done within a person’s home, this is why it is absolutely crucial for it to be done by the right people. We are very demanding with choosing our housemaids and the entire selection and hiring process involves a lot of scrutiny.

Our housemaids have the required skills, expertise and qualification. These are all checked and double checked before a decision is made. Many of them have prior experience in fast paces and demanding branches of the hospitality industry.

All housemaids undergo thorough background security and police background checks, as we don’t want to be sending random people to customers’ homes. Only after housemaids are properly vetted we are able to send them out to you.

Customers who are using our regular ironing service will be provided with the same housemaid every time unless otherwise requested.

Customers are notified in advance of the time, day and name of the person we are sending out. Our maid will show up on time, and present a valid company or photo ID upon arrival.

Our ironing service – general information

The ironing service is available as one off or on a fixed schedule basis, the frequency and duration of the regular ironing visits depends entirely on customer preferences and availability.

The service is charged at an hourly based rate, should the need be there customers can request additional hours at any stage during the service, for that please speak to our consultants.

The ironing service can be requested in combination with one gardening service of our many property cleaning services, providing even more value for money to our customers. Ironing service bookings are available seven days a week.

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